Sunday, July 8, 2007

job searching

I haven't had any software updates lately due to my (lack of) job situation. I'm still job searching which is taking-up a lot of time. I hope to have some software updates soon!...and a job. :)


Anonymous said...


Good luck with your job hunt, and keep a stiff upper lip!


Seatrice Rostenbach said...

Hi Kelly,
While on your site to request my registration codes I came across your blog!
What area do you want to work in if I may ask, and what type of position do you seek? And what salary range are you looking for?
I may have a lead for you. No, I am not a headhunter so if all or part of that info is confidential I will understand and not be offended. I will still love Weather1! :-) I just have a lot of luck and enjoy helping friends and family find positions.

Seatrice R.
Davenport, IA
one of your Weather1 subscribers
my email: