Saturday, June 14, 2008

RSA Conference 2008

If you haven't already listened to these, the RSA Conference keynote presentations are quite interesting. Be sure to choose the "View Interactive Webcast" links, because they not only include the video but also the slide presentations.

Here are some interesting facts I've gathered from what I've listened to so far:

  • We have reached an inflection point. There is more malicious software being created everyday than good software. 65% of unique software programs delivered to users were malicious.
  • Identity theft: during the last two months of 2007, almost 50 million people across the globe had their identities exposed; 3 lost identities every second.
  • Business Sectors: Of the data breaches, the government sector accounted for 20% of the overall data breaches. Note that this 20% accounted for over "60%" of the identities exposed.
  • The vast majority of identity theft is actually committed with data that is not collected online. It's either dumpster-diving, robbing the mailbox, etc.
  • Worldwide: There are 4 babies born every second. There are 25 cell phones sold every second. There are 40 million new wireless, telephone subscribers signed-up for cell phone every month.

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