Sunday, August 10, 2008


I've been getting some great press about my IconHider program, but recently some of the Anti-Virus programs are falsely labeling it as having a trojan or virus. NOT TRUE!

False alerts from Anti-virus programs: There are NO trojans and NO viruses in this program! For some reason, some of the anti-virus programs are falsely identifying this program as having a trojan or something detrimental. NOT TRUE! The reason this is happening, is severe lack of intelligence from the developers of these antivirus programs. IconHider is simply making low-level Microsoft API calls to do the functions it needs to do - such as hide the desktop icons, start the screensaver, etc, etc. So if you get these FALSE alerts from your antivirus program, simply tell it to ignore IconHider.exe in the preference settings of the antivirus program. All antivirus programs will allow you to specify programs that you KNOW are SAFE, which includes IconHider.

It's an awesome, small utility - learn more about it here:

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