Thursday, December 11, 2008

Matrix screensaver updated (Vs. 3.4)

I made a fix to my Matrix screensaver and have released a new Beta version (3.4).
Fix: the option to load an external file for the data displayed at the top - has been fixed.

Download and more info


Roy said...

Great Screensaver but can you provide an option to remove the clock and the band going across the top in the settings page?

Kelly Software said...

Roy - it already has the option. Just look under the screensaver settings.

Roy said...

I have the option already switched on to hide text at the top but it still shows. Thanks for the reply

Kelly Software said...

Roy - please contact me directly. It works. Be sure to click the "Save" button.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering, I tried using your screensaver with multi-monitors. Setting height to -1024 makes the screensaver start correctly at my top screen. However, the moving matrix codes do not reach the bottom monitor, rather they stop halfway inbetween. Perhaps you have to increase the length that the matrix code moves when total monitor heights are different.

Currently I only get a blank in the bottom monitor.


Kelly Software said...

There are likely some odd configurations that it doesn't fully support yet. I'm working on some improvements...stay tuned. :)