Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kelly's Point to Ponder

I've finally done something I've been wanting to do in a few years - restart my "Points to Ponder". I used to send this out via e-mail but now I plan to use a blog to handle them. It's easy and free to sign-up to receive my "Points to Ponder" via e-mail. Just click the link below and look for the "subscribe" box.

For about 20 years, I sent daily "Points to Ponder" which were usually short, simple quotes - either motivational, humorous, serious or thought-provoking messages via e-mail each day. I'd like to try this again, if I can get enough interest. So please forward this e-mail to anyone who might be interested. Thanks!

Click here to subscribe via e-mail:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pay it forward...

Tornadoes cut a swath of destruction that resulted in an estimated 59 deaths from Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee, and injured hundreds more. The Red Cross immediately mobilized volunteers and supplies, provided shelter, fed victims, provided emergency workers and lended emotional support. Relief efforts are ongoing.
Please donate anything you can by visiting or calling 1-800- RED CROSS

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Launchy 2.0

Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted - but it's worth the wait! If you have a lot of software on your computer, how do you easily find and start the programs? Are you always waiting for the Start menu to load and then spending too much time looking for that program name?

I've had this ever-growing issue for some time. There are many quick-launcher programs out there, but where's one that's really easy to use, painless to install, and easy on your system? I've found a great solution by Josh Karlin. It's called Launchy. You can read more and download it here:

What is Launchy? It's an EASY way to open files, folders, programs and websites. It easily and quickly finds the programs for you. It's an easy install. You just launch it by hitting your ALT+spacebar. For example, to run FireFox, I just typed F, and it guessed FireFox first, and then I just hit enter. :)
There are far too many options and features to list here...BUT you may ask, so how much is this program?? It's FREE! :)

Check it'll save you a ton of time. And it's fun & easy to use.